Personable and Friendly

Digital Data Comm has provided excellent service at a very reasonable price. Their readily available staff are personable and friendly while offering helpful advice a in a timely manner. I highly recommend Digital Data Comm for all your tech support needs.

Alexa Noorda College

Best part of Digital Data is the competence and experience… on Network, PC and MAC

Digital Data has been our IT support firm for the past 3+ years.  Prior to that we had tried a full-time & part time on site IT director both of which were less than satisfactory but overall more expensive which would have included the physical facility allocations. The very best part of Digital Data is the competence and experience of their personnel  both on Network, PC and MAC.  They are always available during business hours from 8-5 with emergency after hours assistance if needed. Digital Data provides weekly site visits and in person help which was not provided by our last IT remote provider. We consider them new friends and their willingness when we are stressed with issues is so much appreciated and needed.

Mark Strategis Financial Group

I think they are as paranoid about protecting our data as we are.

Digital DataComm has saved my bacon more than a few times.  Craig and his team came in and put our IT house in order. The depth of their knowledge and understanding is truly impressive. We never threw anything at them that they hadn’t already tackled multiple times before. Due completely to their help we were able to put a plan in place to support our growth and protect our data. I think they are as paranoid about protecting our data as we are. We consider them our partners when it comes to all of our IT needs. My favorite part is I no longer have to provide tech support to our staff. Digital DataComm takes care of that too. This has allowed me time to focus on my real work.

John Roylance Vísi

To Whom It May Concern regarding my exceptional experience with Digital Data-comm 

I received a call from our Comcast representative asking for an update on our project plans to perfect our robust redundant Internet and I let them know that we were working with Digital Data-Comm on advancing the project.  The Comcast representative mentioned that they have worked many times with the Digital Data-comm team and holds the team in high esteem.  I have recommended Digital Data-Comm on many occasions because of their wide depth of expertise, quick response time day and night, exceptional follow-through, attentive to details, building exceptionally reliable systems, and they good people to work with.

Digital DataComm is creative in finding affordable solutions to fit our budgeting and with their breadth of experience, he quickly eliminates solutions that can be costly mistakes. Digital DataComm did most of the original data infrastructure design, implementation, and plays a key role determining the direction for most new technology implementations for over the last 10 years for Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. Their background pulls from a wealth of experience in advanced systems that has saved us doing costly trial and error.  I highly recommend using this valuable resource.

Royal Chamberlain Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

Thank you

Bless you.  Thank you for being proactive!

Kristi Monuments Academy

I felt as though I was a large corporation getting preferential treatment!

I am so pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of this organization.  My requests were handled very promptly.  I felt as though I was a large corporation getting preferential treatment!  Thank you for all you do.

Natalie L. The Link School